Welcome to Hesbynett!

We are an Internet service provider located in Stavanger in the South-West of Norway. We can offer stable and fast broadband connections for our foreign citizens, and have a experience in providing internet access, voice over ip services and technichan services to english speaking customers in the area.

To be able to order services, you will need to get a Norwegian D-Number (SSN) and attach this with your order. If you do not have received this yet, you may ask your employer to guarantee for you. As per now, it is only possible to pay our services with a bank-transfer or with a Norwegian savings card (BankAxept)

If you are interested in our products, please give us a call, send us an email – or you can try to use our norwegian order form!

Our telephone number is +47 51 53 20 53, and we are available weekdays 09.00-11.00 and 12.00-15.00. Our e-mail address is post@hesby.net

Broadband speeds and costs

We have our own infrastructure in many apartment complexes in Stavanger and Sandnes, and can offer very high speed internet connections at a very competetive cost.

To find out which speeds are available for you, please contact us, or try using our order form. (Available products and speeds are shown after searching for your address)

Voice over IP (VoIP)

We can offer different solutions for reducing the cost of calling abroad. Many of our users use Skype, but we can also offer telephone lines at no monthly cost with a Norwegian number.

Contact us for more information!